family law in RomaniaFamily law in Romania is a complex and sensitive area of law that deals with the legal aspects of family relationships, such as marriage, divorce, child custody, alimony, adoption, and domestic violence.

If you are facing any family law issues in Romania, you need a team of experienced lawyers who can provide you with the best legal advice and representation.

At Atrium Romanian Lawyers, we have a team of lawyers who specialize in family law in Romania.

We have the expertise and experience to handle any family law case, such as:

  • Divorce: We can help you with the legal procedures and consequences of ending your marriage in Romania, such as filing for divorce, dividing the marital assets and debts, determining the alimony and child support payments, and resolving any disputes or conflicts.
  • Child custody: We can assist you with the legal aspects of determining the best interests of your children after a divorce or separation, such as establishing the parental authority, the custody and visitation rights, the child support obligations, and the relocation issues.
  • Adoption: We can guide you through the legal process of adopting a child in Romania, whether it is a domestic or an international adoption, such as fulfilling the eligibility criteria, completing the paperwork, obtaining the necessary approvals, and finalizing the adoption.
  • Domestic violence: We can protect you and your children from any form of domestic violence or abuse in Romania, such as obtaining a restraining order, filing a criminal complaint, seeking compensation for damages, and ensuring your safety and well-being.

We understand that family law matters are often emotional and stressful. That is why we offer a compassionate and personalized approach to each client.

Our Romanian Attorneys listen to your needs and expectations and provide you with tailor-made solutions. We also communicate with you effectively and keep you informed of every step of your case.

Here, at Atrium Romanian Lawyers , we are more than just a team of lawyers. We are your trusted partners in family law in Romania.

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