Romanian attorney fees and costs

When it comes to our fees and cost, transparency is key, but so is the reasonableness of the contingency percentage that we offer.

Keeping in mind that each case is unique, we feel it is important to consider all aspects of a case, as well as the circumstances of the client, when providing billing arrangements. The factors that go into our assessment include:

  • The time involved to the client case,
  • Research performed,
  • The complication of the matter,
  •  Expenses incurred,
  •  The importance of the issues involved and of the services rendered.
  • The risk assumed by the client, as well as the legal professional and the firm.


The following models are used for remuneration agreements with our clients:

  1. Hourly rates Fee:
    Most clients, especially business clients, prefer fees based on hourly rates. Our hourly rates range from 60,00 € to 100,00 €  (including taxes). Time based billing normally charges in 10-minute-times. Time based billing can be more favorable for the client, compared with the statutory fees, especially in cases pursuing high economic values. Vice versa cases with a low economic meaning but a high personal meaning for the client can be more expensive on time basis.
  2. Flat Fee:
    Flat fees are also admitted by the Romanian legislation and can be the appropriate fee tool in certain cases. Flat fees are for example used for legal opinions.
  3. Contingency Fees:   The contingency fee adds to the flat fees initially agreed upon by the client and can represent a percentage of the value of the subject of litigation or of the project, or a sum of money agreed upon in advance.
  4. Subscription Plans: Are provided particularly to companies (but not only). Subscription plans for legal advice are usually monthly payments formerly agreed upon by the client. They can be a fix amount of money, in RON or EUR, and they are meant to cover the legal counselling provided to the client for a specific period of time, within the limit of a specific number of hours formerly agreed upon.

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality legal services for competitive prices, and for treating each case in a unique, transparent, and reasonable manner to achieve maximum results and satisfaction for our clients.