IT Law – information technology  is essential to virtually every business.

We represent the interests of not only IT companies, VARs, solution providers and distributors but also many non-tech companies that encounter issues related to technology, privacy and safeguarding propriety data.

At Atrium we offer a wide range of opportunities for development in the IT sector, not only for programmers and developers but also for investors and company executives.

Our them of Romanian lawyers has the skills and experience to meet all the legal needs of businesses involved in the Technology sector, whether that be safeguarding and/or exploiting its intellectual property rights or negotiating commercial deals. We specialize in:

  • Cloud Platforms,Saas, IaaS
  • Software as a Service Agreement
  • Software Licensing
  • Hardware Licensing
  • Outsourcing agreements/IT Contracts
  • Insourcing
  • FinTech
  • IP Protection (e.g. copyright, trademark, patent, royalty agreements and IP contribution agreements to trade associations, etc.)
  • Website Terms and Conditions
  • App Terms and Conditions
  • Technology Partnership Agreements
  • New media licensing
  • Data disposition agreements
  • End-user license agreements – EULAs (e.g. “shrink wrap” licenses, “browser wrap” or “click-through” licenses)
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Application Service Provider (ASP) and web service agreements
  • Data center and hosting agreements
  • Call-center and customer service agreements
  • Outsourced recruiting and human resources agreements
  • Cyber insurance policies
  • E-government services agreements
  • Marketing and data sharing agreements
  • Managed security services agreements
  • Payment card processing agreements (e.g. merchant agreements, payment processor agreements, payment gateway agreements, service provide agreements)

Should you have any questions regarding IT law in Romania, please contact one of our specialized Romanian attorneys for assistance.